Slave, secret-keeper, world-forger.


Who would trust a slave with knowledge or power? Certainly not the scavenger lord who held Talili’s chains, even though he trusted her with his accounting, the teaching of his children, and the promise that service would eventually see her freed. She believed him for a long time, as her mother did before her, but in time she decided that he was lying— and when the ruins of a Shogunate facility turned against them, she abandoned him to seek her own escape. When she could find none, she gave into despair, for if she just knew the littlest bits of information, she might have been able to find it out… and the anhule who found her suggested that such knowledge and more could be hers if she agreed to serve a better master.

Christened the Adamant Tear, Talili is one of the Reclamation’s foremost builders, turning the superlative knowledge of her previous incarnation into wicked devices made to serve the Reclamation’s purpose— and so long as they keep her in supplies and insights, she is happy to serve. Talili seems to believe she owes a debt of gratitude to the coven for so thoroughly avenging her honor in the wake of the disastrous parade.


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