Glorious Pilgrimage of Primordial Ascension

Malefactor, painter, and "Gloria" to her friends.


In an old life, Gloria was an artist in the service of the Immaculate Order, a painter who adorned monasteries with beautiful mandalas and iconic images of the Five Immaculate Dragons. She dared to love the subjects of her work, however, and for her blasphemy was sentenced to exile— and in despair, found something more lovely and terrible than anything she could fathom.

Now she serves as one of the coordinators of the Canticle Malfeascent, keeping the Green Sun Princes in some semblance of order. Gloria is now free to love her works, and to express her inhuman appreciation of beauty she was forbidden to fully indulge in as a mere mortal. She is beloved by all who set eyes on her, and can draw even the most virtuous heart into madness and adulation for her cause. She has befriended Jazral above others, and admires his human emulation of Malfeas’s horrible glory.

Glorious Pilgrimage of Primordial Ascension

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