Azuwan, the Dune Shifter

Second Circle Demon, ally of Abex, tender of the Endless Desert


In the time before the Primordial Wars, Cecelyne was not only the law maker, but she was also the sister to the king. Even in that time before time, royalty demanded the best of things and the sister to the king must always be in the rarest of forms. Realizing this Orabilis splintered off a merest fraction of his pride to give rise to Azwuan, the Dancer at the Threshold, the Glorious Soul of the End of All Wisdom. It was his bailiwick alone to ensure the glorious nature of Cecelyne for all her engagements as well as to orchestrate and watch over those engagements. History no longer remembers what those duties entailed specifically in the time before creation because with the downfall of the Yozi’s she was once again responsible for being the law maker of their new prison.

Her self–loathing at being defeated served no purpose for her in her new role, so she threw it off and in her state at the time cast it upon the one servant that cared for her the most, Azwuan. Even the most useless emotion of a Primordial-come-Yozi is power beyond understanding. For the briefest of moments Azwuan was even more powerful than Orabilis himself, but this violated Cecelyne’s law and it tore him apart. Azwuan became two. A horrible creature arose filled with Cecelyne’s self-hate and it realized that it could never be home within Azwuan, a being dedicated to Cecelyne’s glory. A Behemoth part sand, part creature of destruction tore free of Azwuan’s soul and as Azwuan’s new visage and purpose was revealed to him he saw what he had given birth to; the Beast that Drinks the Dunes.

It was a kraken made up completely of Cecelynes sands with the blackest sandstones for its six eyes and the fangs of its great maw. It had numberless tentacles of sand that stretched out endlessly into the dunes. It hated Azwuan for not only what he stood for (to glorify Cecelyne), but because as they were both part of each other it could not harm Azwuan, nor Azwuan harm it. In its fury it fled deep into the depths of Cecelyne.

Now Azwuan continues to keep Cecelyne looking her best with his ancient wooden sand rake, but his primary duties include policing the Endless Desert and maintaining watch over and at times shepherding the Beast that Drinks the Dunes.

Appearance: He is always dressed as a Bedouin desert traveler. He is nearly 8 feet tall and what can be seen of him appears as that of a desiccated husk. His head and face are made up of desert scarab beetles that constantly scurry about and occasionally travel about his body. On occasion he can be seen with his mount, a three humped camel of shifting, grinding sandstone that is large enough for him to ride. He carries a ancient wooden sand rake that is a powerful artifact that he can use as a weapon or as a devise that can sooth Cecelyne if she gets in one of her “moods”.

Demonic purpose: He is bound to glorify Cecelyne’s appearance; however there is little need of that anymore. He is responsible for the Beast that Drinks the Dunes. He keeps it away from the Demon City and guides it wherever it may be needed. He also wanders the Endless Desert. It is said that he knows the secret places within her, and that he alone could travel across her in only four days, but that he would never dare to violate her in such a way.

Powers/demonic gifts: He is the greatest of courtly genteelism. He can grant women great beauty at the cost of their soul. He grants the request by giving them a scarab beetle to place behind their neck at the base of the skull where it is hidden by their hair. The beetle latches on with its legs, tightly as it begins to magically reform them into beautiful women. If it is ever removed, however, it will tear away the victim’s soul as it leaves, killing the body. He also has powers over dancing, as he is one of the greatest dancers of Malfeas. He can bless people with the ability to dance or he can curse people with an endless dance.

Azuwan, the Dune Shifter

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